Getting to the Heart of Marriage

Because God is a Trinity, life is all about relationships. And because God created marriage to be the most important human relationship, His desire is to restore, build, and bless marriage according to His good design. Surrounded by the natural beauty of a Michigan lodge setting, Getting to the Heart of Marriage is a weekend intensive designed with these foundations in mind.

Facilitated by Dr. Scott Engelman, this marriage intensive is geared to move your marriage forward by giving you:

  • A God-centered perspective of yourself, your spouse, and faith in God’s place in your marriage.
  • Practical tools to break long-held destructive cycles and to develop life-giving heartfelt connections.
  • An experience of heartfelt connection with your spouse that is often lacking in most marriages.

The weekend will impact your marriage, whether you desire to make a good marriage great or give a troubled marriage hope. And no matter where your marriage is, you will be blessed by this time of re-connecting, re-imaging, and re-committing.

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