Our Goals

Awakened Heart Ministries is committed to coming along side the local church to assist in providing various environments where closed human hearts can be awakened and released for the purpose of both restoring and enjoying the most important relationships of life.

Our Transcendent Goals that guide us…

• To support the local church by offering personal care for their pastors and assistance in the spiritual advancement of their men.

• To strengthen the faith of men in the bigness and goodness of God, especially in those places where their life story has left their hearts wounded, their faith shattered and their soul infected with shame.

• To move men forward in their understanding, embracing, and living out of their masculine design, so that they may more successfully take responsibility for creating life-giving environments where people and relationships can flourish.

• To facilitate and help men repair and restore their disconnected relationships with God and others through the transformation of their hearts as described in the Scriptures.

• To renew a confidence in and a commitment to the Bible as God’s authoritative revelation and thus our primary source for understanding the reality about God, the world, life, suffering, pain and people.